Check out the schedule below for special Earthmade workshops and presentations

Saturday, October 8th


The Future of Sustainable Farming 11:00 am (Duration 30 minutes) FREE

Join Chris Michlewicz from FarmBox Foods as he discusses the technologies that will lead us into the future of sustainable farming. FarmBox Foods is a leader in building controlled-climate farms that are housed in 40′ upcycled shipping containers. These insulated, secured and protected container farms all people to grow food year-round in places with minimal arable land, unpredictable weather or short growing seasons. They almost completely eliminate supply chain issues and allow growing near the consumer which allows the produce to get on people’s plates much quicker.


DIY Mount Class with ReRoot Gardens 12:00 pm (Duration up to 2 hours) $45 Register Here

Mounted plants are our most favorite thing to make and one of our most popular items in the shop! In this hands-on class you will learn how to construct and maintain your very own mount. We also discuss in-detail what exactly an epiphytic plant is and why they do what they do. All materials are provided including the *most* chill vibes.

Bring a friend or come on your own, all are welcome in our classes and workshops. Register here.


Mental Health & Plants 2:30 pm (Duration 30 minutes) FREE

Kevin Torres became a well known fixture in the homes of hundreds of thousands of Coloradans during his 13 years as a TV News Reporter in the Centennial State.

In that time, he covered some of the biggest news stories in state history, including: the Aurora Theater Shooting, The Historic Floods of 2013, The Deere Creek Middle School and Arapahoe High School shootings, as well as the mass shooting at the Boulder King Soopers in 2021.

Then there was the pandemic.

As a TV Reporter, Kevin worked remotely from home, isolated by himself for more than 450 days.

The level of isolation and daily grind of bad news was something he had never experienced before.

“It started to take a serious toll on my mental health and I was growing concerned about my personal well being,” Torres explained.

Having had some previous knowledge about houseplants, Kevin turned a botanical hobby into a leafy lifestyle!

“Research shows houseplants can have an incredibly positive impact on your mental health — and I experienced that first hand,” Torres added.

Over the course of the pandemic his collection of houseplants grew from 10 to 20 to 150.

Torres turned his downtown Denver loft into a tropical tundra that viewers got to experience first-hand while he was reporting live from home during the pandemic.

“In my 13 years as a Reporter in Colorado, I’ve never had so many viewers come up to me and say, ‘We love seeing your plants on TV in the background of your segments’!” Torres said.

Torres plans to discuss his journey with houseplants and how they helped boost his mental health during the most difficult assignment of his career: covering the pandemic.

You can catch Kevin’s talk Saturday and Sunday at:

Kevin Torres is a 12x Emmy Award journalist who decided to leave his career in TV news in April of 2022 to join the corporate communications team at the Global Talent Solutions Firm Robert Half, where he gets to work remotely from home and be around his houseplants more.


Introduction to Propagation 3:30 pm (Duration up to 45 minutes) FREE but Registration Required

We all love houseplants, so why not learn how to spread the love further?! In this workshop, attendees will learn how to propagate popular houseplants such as pothos, philodendron, and syngonium from stem cuttings— one of the easiest methods to create new plants from your favorite houseplant! Propagation makes for a great hobby and is an easy way to grow your houseplant collection for free— either to keep or to give away as gifts!

The workshop will cover the basics of stem propagation using an informal, show-and-tell format, allowing attendees to see, touch, and familiarize themselves with plants at various stages of propagation. After attending the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify houseplants in their home that are suitable for propagation
  2. Identify materials available in their home to assist with the propagation process
  3. Troubleshoot basic barriers to successful propagation
  4. Successfully transition their propagation to soil when ready

The workshop is free to attend. Attendees will have the option of purchasing live plant cuttings to take home from the workshop, but purchase is not required to attend. 20 person maximum. Register here.

About the host

Alayna Younger is the founder, owner and grower behind Spathe and Spadix Plant Co., a woman-owned, propagation-based houseplant business out of Denver, CO. Alayna has been growing and propagating houseplants out of her home for years and is excited to bring her passion for propagation to Earthmade!


Sunday, October 8th


Vinyasa Flow 11:00 am (Duration up to 45 minutes) FREE and Donations Appreciated

Fresh out of Costa Rica, Kayla is here to guide a grounding yoga practice that will tap into your heart chakra to help you be ready to receive whatever is coming your way next. Get into your mind with good company during this 45 minute vinyasa flow. Please bring a towel or mat and your water bottle!


Community Plant Swap: ReRoot Gardens 12-4 pm FREE but Registration Required

Welcome to Reroot Gardens FIFTH Plant Swap! Please read full details before signing up:

What is a ReRoot Plant Swap? You can bring cuttings, rooted propagations or full plants from your collections as long as they are all healthy and pest free. Please do your research and ensure your cuttings can be rooted into full plants. Please understand that space is limited so be mindful of how many plants you are bringing. You will have the opportunity to swap with fellow plant enthusiasts and you can swap as many times as you’d like! The swapping itself will begin at a certain time once we have everyone checked in- it is very important that your arrive on time! Once we give the green light you have the opportunity to swap with whoever wants to swap with you, there’s always something for someone, don’t be shy!

Remember, the swapping is at your discretion!

Pottery is welcome! You are allowed to being 3-6 planters/pots of your choice to swap. This is a great opportunity to exchange pots that no longer bring you joy.

Where will the swap take place? This year we are extremely excited to host our swap in partnership with some amazing people in the Colorado plant community at the EARTHMADE event happening at Auraria campus at St. Cajetans Auditorium. The event is both Saturday and Sunday so come for the swap on Sunday, stay for the event! There will be plants and goods from local vendors for sale as well as food and music. The swap will be inside or outside depending on weather and parking is available via the auraria campus lots with some free parking within walking distance, plan accordingly! Register here.


Demystifying Dirt: Repotting & Soil Mixing 1:30 pm ( Duration 30 minutes) FREE but Registration Required

Healthy soil is *literally* the foundation of a healthy plant. The right balance of many different elements is crucial to happy roots—and happy roots = happy plants! In this course Jae Mancarella will discuss the various soil components, their origin and how best to combine ingredients. Plants are just like people in that each one needs different things to thrive. We think you’ll find that homemade soil just has this special je ne sais quoi that store-bought soil lacks. 20 person maximum. Register here.


Mental Health & Plants 2:30 pm (Duration 30 minutes) FREE

If you missed the presentation by Kevin Torres on Saturday, you’re in luck because he will be talking again about the connection between mental health and plants on Sunday as well!

Kevin Torres is a 12x Emmy Award journalist who decided to leave his career in TV news in April of 2022 to join the corporate communications team at the Global Talent Solutions Firm Robert Half, where he gets to work remotely from home and be around his houseplants more.


Terrarium Class 3:00 pm (Duration up to 45 minutes) $39 Register Here

Have fun playing in the dirt and learning about succulents and fern care in this interactive workshop led by the teams from The Plant Gallery and Denver Terrarium Classes. Over the course of the workshop you will will learn about plant care and get to build your own tiny world in a glass terrarium container. Register here for this fun class. 30 person maximum. Register here.